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Career Counselling

Career Counseling is a Technique that supports individuals in making complex decisions and facing difficult situations concerning their careers.

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Corporate Training

Imagine having the ability to hold the attention of others. Imagine sending a message of confidence and credibility without saying a word.

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Special Workshops

Women who desire to: Live fully, rejuvenate themselves, redefine the pleasures of life and laugh through it all. Discover body shapes and assets.

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Feature A Person
'This is a platform where we can get inspired by people who have overcome personal challenges in life.'

Ms. Shaily Ganatra

  • Challenges Faced

    I had been diagnosed as a Juvenile Diabetic at the age of 7. Back then in 1988, technology, knowledge, availability of specialized doctors, medical equipment’s, etc. was very scarce.
  • Overcoming the challenge

    With the support and attitude of my parents, I have never allowed my disease to stop me from achieving all that I aspired. You cannot sit and keep on crying on your weaknesses, if you look precisely towards yourself, you will know that, God is Great and he has given each one of us great powers within to excel in our lives.
  • Current Status

    Working as an Interior Designer and Fashion Exhibition Organizer. Today, with all my struggles I have reached a level where I have become an inspiration to a lot of other children and their parents. I get immense joy to guide and inspire other patients in living their life to the fullest without getting bound by diabetes.

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  • "I got career guidance from POISE7 and it has been very beneficial to me and I have been able to overcome my bewilderment. "
  • - Ms. Preet Popat
  • IB Diploma Holder from Gujarat, India.